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The latest news from the North Andaman

Meet Wai Yan Soe

Wai Yan Soe is a thirteen years old student in the fourth grade. He has been attending the Burmese Learning Center in Kuraburi since Kindergarten. Wai Yan’s Family Wai Yan’s family has lived in Thailand for about ten years. His parents came to Thailand to work for a better wage...
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Soymilk Project Continues

Thanks to a generous donation, the students at the Burmese Learning Center in Kuraburi will continue to receive a nutritious soy milk drink once a week. If there is extra soy milk, the students will bring it home to share with other siblings or their parents. It is an objective...
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Awards of Support

The North Andaman Network Foundation is funded by Andaman Discoveries and the generous guests and volunteers who want to experience the culture and the environment in a respectful manner. The NAN Foundation and Andaman Discoveries have a well-rounded, symbiotic relationship between business and charitable giving, allowing for the support and...
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Emergency Appeal: Burmese Learning Center

There is a great possibility that the school doors of the Burmese Learning Center in Kuraburi will close in the next year if immediate funding is not generated, taking away the chance for those underprivileged migrant children to have an education and driving them into a life of child labor...
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Inspiring Parents

A child’s drive for education stems from their family environment and the encouragement that they receive from their parents. We headed out into the community with surveys in hand to better understand the parent’s role in their child’s education and the role that the Burmese Learning Center plays in helping...
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Parent Involvement at BLC

Help keep these parents’ dreams alive for their children to have the opportunity for a better future through education at the Burmese Learning Center by providing financial support. Donate Now! The first parent meeting at the Burmese Learning Center in Kuraburi for the new school year had the largest attendance...
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