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North Andaman Network Foundation of Thailand
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Donation Goal for This Project: $100,000.

The North Andaman Network Foundation is supported by the generosity of individual donors and the guests of Andaman Discoveries. We are an all volunteer team so that the full amount of each donation goes directly to our projects with no administration fees.


he North Andaman Coast of Southern Thailand is home to diverse nature, livelihoods and culture. Here Buddhist, Muslim, Moken and Burmese communities live in harmony with each other and their natural surroundings. All of this is under threat from systematic changes in the economic, political and natural environment. Enabling communities to be prepared and knowledgeable about how they can adapt to this wave of change will help to avoid another catastrophe.

Helping these small communities not only brings positive impacts to the local people. It also helps to conserve the nature and culture of this special place for all of us to enjoy.


By educating we begin to empower local communities to be the stewards of their future. We work with local villages in the North Andaman Coast to listen their needs and interests in order to build projects and training that have the support of the people involved.


By conserving the natural environment and local culture we help local communities to feel a sense of place.

Sustainable Development

By developing sustainable solutions to present and foreseeable issues, we help communities be prepared for changing environments.