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The latest news from the North Andaman

Moken Village Fire Update

There is still time to make a donation to help the Moken Donate HERE We are happy to announce that the Moken have moved into their new homes, just in time for their yearly Labong Ceremony. The traditional Labong ceremony was held the third week in April and lasted for...
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BLC Parent Meeting

School and Community Center:  The Burmese Learning Center(BLC) has gained the support of the Burmese Community and prominent community leaders and community groups. The BLC is seen as a safe place that can be used for the entire Burmese community to meet and be used for events, celebrations and ceremonies....
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First Month Fun

The Burmese Learning Center Semester is in full swing as we had a final enrollment and attendance of 80 students. The students will be receiving a full education including subjects of Geography and History, Science and Biology, Social Studies and Thai/Burmese/English spoken and written language. Plus, they are given the...
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