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The latest news from the North Andaman

BLC Update

Parent Teacher Meeting: Forty enthusiastic parents attended the parent teacher meeting at the Burmese Learning to discuss school updates and to address questions and concerns of the parents. Our partner, the Foundation for Education and Development, went over teacher hours based on monthly curriculum content. Daily schedules have changed since...
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Teacher Appreciation Day and Teacher Meeting

Today the Burmese Learning Center smelled of beautiful flowers that the students picked themselves to give to the teachers. Teacher’s day happens each year and allows students the opportunity to show their appreciation for their teachers. The teachers all gave short inspirational speeches to encourage the students to continue their...
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Burmese Learning Center Parent Meeting

An integral part of the Burmese Learning Centers (BLC) success is parent meetings that are held twice a Semester. The main purpose is to give parents updated information about school details, curriculum, teacher status, opportunities for their children to continue their education, migrant education and human rights and also health...
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Moken Village Fire Update

There is still time to make a donation to help the Moken Donate HERE We are happy to announce that the Moken have moved into their new homes, just in time for their yearly Labong Ceremony. The traditional Labong ceremony was held the third week in April and lasted for...
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