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The Andaman Center for Migrant Education
Andaman Center for Migrant Education
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Andaman Center for Migrant Education
Andaman Center for Migrant Education
Andaman Center for Migrant Education
Andaman Center for Migrant Education
Andaman Center for Migrant Education

Donation Goal for our Migrant Education Program: $30,000.

The migrant education program serves a large population of Burmese migrant workers along the North Andaman Coast in Thailand who come with the hope of finding a living wage and a better way of life. Burmese children often find themselves living as second class citizens without the money to afford basic fees for enrollment, uniforms, and transportation to and from school. Many of their parents are poorly educated and fear discrimination, arrest, and even deportation. They are often not able to help their children who have no legal access to the Thai education system. The unfortunate result is that many of them work with their parents as child laborers in low-skilled and low-paying jobs, to bring the extra income into the family home. Your support helps us to provide an alternative to these hard working people and their children.

Andaman Center for Migrant Education

Our migrant education program offers a learning center that is equipped to provide full-day schooling for 75 Burmese migrant children living in the Kuraburi district of Phang Nga Province. Students take lessons from full-time teachers and visiting volunteers which provides them with hope for a better future. We are changing parents’ perspectives regarding their children’s education by proving that furthering their education makes a difference. By facilitating their integration into secondary Burmese and Thai school systems, we will provide them with better job opportunities in the future.

Andaman Center for Migrant Education

Your donation can help with covering these essential monthly costs:

  • $15 transports one student
  • $65 supports the weekly soy milk program
  • $85 pays the utilities
  • $200 pays for one-year tuition
  • $350 pays a teacher salary

How your donation helps NAN support the Migrant Education Program:


The migrant education program provides affordable education to an impoverished community by paying for teachers salaries and the administrative cost of maintaining the center. They also have important lessons on health and hygiene.  

Financial Support

Supports Burmese families by relieving the financial burden of these unaffordable but essential academic skills for their children. By studying at the Burmese Learning Center, these children can have the options of studying at a Thai government school or furthering their education in Myanmar. Without an education, these children would be forced into child labor to help provide income.

Uplift a Community

The results of projects like this elevate an entire generation to new potential, and go a long way to empowering the migrant Burmese community. By giving these children a basic education we help to break the cycle of poverty.

Burmese Migrant Children Education Program in Kuraburi Thailand