Sustainable Development

sustainable development and conservation initiatives in the North Andaman Coast
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Donation Goal for our Sustainable Development Projects: $10,000.

Help the North Andaman communities in Southern Thailand promote sustainable development and keep their culture and nature the way they want, clean and green!


AN works with local community groups supporting conservation initiatives as well as sustainable development goals. Our support helps local projects that focus on renewable energy, like solar panels for small island communities, and conservation of a local endemic species of aquatic plant.  The spectacular nature of the North Andaman is home to various endemic, endangered and important species.  We work in partnership with organizations who come to the area for conservation efforts that focus on mangrove, seagrass and sea turtle conservation.

How you can help support NAN’s work in the region:

Green energy

Providing no interest loans for island communities to purchase solar panels for each home instead of running fuel powered generators. Allowing them to stay in their island homes, living by their traditional livelihoods with out the pressure of costly energy that pollutes the environment.

Water solutions

providing rain water catchment systems for island communities threated by a yearly dry season drought. Funding for piping and water tanks is needed to help secure vital fresh water for Koh Phratong communities.

Endangered, Endemic Species conservation

The provinces of Ranong and Phang Nga are the only home to the Thai water lily (Crinum thaianum), a delicate species of aquatic plant that only lives in clean fresh water streams. This plant is on the verge of extinction due to dredging of rivers, overuse in aquariums and beauty products, and harmful agriculture practices. One local farmer is cultivating and replanting to keep this species alive for future generations. We are seeking funds to help bring this effort to other interested local farmers in order to increase the communities' sustainable development.