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What's Happening in the North Andaman

Moken Village Fire Update

There is still time to make a donation to help the Moken Donate HERE We are happy to announce that the Moken have moved into their new homes, just in time for their yearly Labong Ceremony. The traditional Labong ceremony was held the third week in April and lasted for...
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BLC Parent Meeting

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First Month Fun

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Awards of Support

The North Andaman Network Foundation is funded by Andaman Discoveries and the generous guests and volunteers who want to experience the culture and the environment in a respectful manner. The NAN Foundation and Andaman Discoveries have a well-rounded, symbiotic relationship between business and charitable giving, allowing for the support and...
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Emergency Appeal: Burmese Learning Center

There is a great possibility that the school doors of the Burmese Learning Center in Kuraburi will close in the next year if immediate funding is not generated, taking away the chance for those underprivileged migrant children to have an education and driving them into a life of child labor...
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Inspiring Parents

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