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Moken Village Fire Relief

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We are facilitating a Moken-led fund to address the most urgent needs of the community and the long term recovery process. Our support goes to our friends...
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Andaman Center for Migrant Education

Migrant Education Program

The migrant education program serves a large population of Burmese migrant workers along the North Andaman Coast in Thailand who come with the hope of finding a...
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Build a New Moken Kabang Houseboat

The last Kabang (traditional houseboat) in the Moken village on Koh Surin is over 12 years old. She was built to serve as a cultural icon, a...
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Cultural Preservation for the Moken people in Koh Surin National Park

Moken Cultural Preservation

Our cultural preservation program helps to stop the marginalization of the unique group indigenous group of people along the North Andaman Coast. Traditionally the Moken were a...
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sustainable development and conservation initiatives in the North Andaman Coast

Sustainable Development

Help the North Andaman communities in Southern Thailand promote sustainable development and keep their culture and nature the way they want, clean and green! AN works with...
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scholarship program or underprivileged children in thailand

Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program offers financial support to the underprivileged youth in the Kuraburi area, three hours north of Phuket, Thailand. By easing the financial burden of local...
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