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Scholarships for local kids in Kuraburi areaThe NAN foundation provides scholarships to over 20 local youth, both from our own donor funding and through the partnership of the Rotary Club of Patong Beach, Phuket. The Rotary Club has been providing scholarships to Kuraburi area students since after the tsunami, which supports students until they complete their high school education.  For the 2016-17 academic year 16 local students will receive 8,000 THB per year for high school and 6,000 THB per year for grade school attendance.


The Moken Youth Scholarship program funded by the NAN foundation supports 5 students who attend a boarding school in the town of Takuapa.  This scholarship is offered to the children of the Moken on Koh Surin and in Chaipattana village.   The primary school on the Surin Island can only offer classes until Grade 5, and for any students seeking to further their education they must find a school on the mainland.  A group of these Moken children attend a primary and secondary school about 45 minutes south of Kuraburi where they also live at the Don Bosco boarding home.  Here they are well looked after and have the opportunity to live among children of other Moken communities along the North Andaman coast.  Although this takes them a bit far from home, it helps to reduce the financial burden on their families who would otherwise struggle to support them in a local school.  The students enjoy their time of learning and growing and come back with a very mature attitude towards life and their changing culture.  Many of them spend their summer vacations home with their family on the islands or in the mainland villages.

scholarship for Moken children on Koh Surin

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