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Burmese Learning Center Kuraburi Student

Meet Wai Yan Soe

Burmese Learning Center Kuraburi StudentsWai Yan Soe is a thirteen years old student in the fourth grade. He has been attending the Burmese Learning Center in Kuraburi since Kindergarten.

Wai Yan’s Family

Wai Yan’s family has lived in Thailand for about ten years. His parents came to Thailand to work for a better wage and send the money to their remaining family members in Myanmar. He has never traveled to Myanmar and feels like Thailand is his home.

His dad fixes fishing boats at the pier and his mother takes care of the house and their kids. He has a younger sister, three older sisters and an older brother. When Wai Yan has free time he likes to stay at home with his mom and talk with her.

Burmese Learning Center Kuraburi Student

Wai Yan’s Dream

When he grows up he wants to be a teacher in Thailand or in Myanmar. He wants to continue his education and go to high school when he finishes the sixth grade at the Burmese Learning Center.

During the long school break, he works on a fishing boat to help generate extra income for the family. He says if he has not been attending school and inspired to be a teacher, he would probably be doing difficult laborious jobs like this. A lot of his friends who live near the fishing pier do not go to school. They work in the construction industry, work at the fishing pier or stay at home to help take care of the family. He feels really lucky to be able to get an education for a better future.

Support the Burmese Learning Center

You can help the migrant children like Wai Yan by giving to the Burmese Learning Center. Your contribution will ensure the students will have the proper education, a nutritious lunch, and transportation to the school.

Find out how you can support the Migrant Education Program and donate today!

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